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What connects all these images????
March 26, 2013, 1:24 pm
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Find out Saturday June 1st!




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Dear Friends at the Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra, please would you help me if you can!

ON Sat Nov 11 2000 the Philharmonic Orchestra gave a concert in a church in Sheffield and one of the pieces was Mahler’s 5th symphony. My daughter, Ruth Garbutt, was playing cello on that occasion and we would dearly love to visit the church again to relive such a wonderful memories BUT…we can’t remember which church it was . If you have records going that far back, as I’m sure you do, would you kindly look up the church and let me know, please? It would give us all great pleasure to visit it again and save hours of head scratching and trying to remember.

I trust the orchestra continues to go from strength to strength and wish you all the very best for the future.

Yours faithfully,

Sue Webber (Mrs)

Comment by russ/sue

Hello Sue,
Thanks for getting in touch. We did Mahler 5 a couple of weeks ago, but it was the first time! We have done Mahler 4 and 1 previously, but not 5, so either you have the wrong symphony or the wrong orchestra. Maybe the Sheffield Symphony Orchestra did it. In any event, I suggest you start your search at St Mark’s church, Broomhill where both orchestras regularly performed at that time.
PS. It would be great to see you at our next concert on June 1st!

Comment by sheffieldphilharmonic

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