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2011. Rehearsal Venue.
January 5, 2011, 6:57 pm
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Welcome to 2011. After reading, marking, learning and I-Ding all comments and views, we will be staying at the Vic Hall for the time being. The matter will be kept under review. Meanwhile Nicola (Bassoon 1) has negotiated an even better parking deal at the underground park: see her for concessionary tickets (click on her comment below).

We had excellent feedback from the Christmas concert. Now it’s a question of getting to grips with the Bernstein. The music for Chen and He’s Butterfly Lovers violin concerto is on its way.

Happy New Year to all.



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Re car parking:

Parking at NCP Arundel Gate is £3.

New arrangement: we now have access to bar coded tickets that – when you put them in the ticket machine after your yellow token – default to £3 (for up to 4 hours) or £5 (for over 4 hours).
You therefore don’t pay me for the tickets.

Please let me know at least a week in advance if you need one or more concessionary tickets (you can only use each ticket once).

Comment by Nicola Elam (1st bassoon)

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