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March 12, 2008, 9:34 am
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As work gets under way for Mozart’s Requiem, I think the orchestra can reflect on our recent concert at St Johns with genuine pride. As usual, it’s best to turn to outsiders for criticism, so you may care to visit the following link. Many thanks to Robert Webb at St John’s who helped us so much with this event.

It was by far the biggest audience we have had. Well, actually, that excludes the Botanic Gardens Cocert, oh and the City Hall Giltrap concert and possibly our first Christmas concert as well, but you get the general point. Feedback from the audience was positive and Ewa comments that the performance was full of energy (largely generated by her, of course). One perceptive observation was that though the energy was sustained throughout, the same could not be said about accuracy which faltered towards the end. It was certainly a tough programme to play all afternoon and then repeat in the evening and perhaps people were just getting knackered. It has been suggested that perhaps we could rehearse in the morning, allowing a longer recovery period before the performance. Comments please. (If you belong to another amateur orchestra and have found your way to this blog, please let us know how you cope with this problem; assuming you do find it a problem, of course. Click on ‘comments’ and help us out).

Despite her promotion, Ewa is anxious to keep faith with the SPO and is talking positively about next year’s programme, to include Tchaikowsy 6th in the first concert. Obviously she will have an increased committment to the Halle, but we now have an enviably good pool of guest conductors who can take rehearsals when she is not available and the future looks rosy.

Finally, I understand that the R K Rhapsody Espagnol is not going to feature in the Gardens Concert, but we will do it later in the year. Instead, we might do the whole of the New World Symphony. All of this is to be confirmed.



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