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Fond Farewell, Big Hello!
June 14, 2007, 9:52 pm
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Sunday and Doncaster Minster saw the final Hoorah! for John Pearson’s  time with the Phil. He gave us a concert to remember, with Charlotte Pinder wowing the audience as her Ascending Lark trilled into the stratosphere, Pyotr Ilyich blowing away the cobwebs and Delius walking us through a thoroughly enjoyable summer evening. I am persuaded that many people didn’t realise just how much they were going to miss John’s gentle good humour, faithfulness, knowedge and charm until his departure sneaked up on them. We wish him every joy in his retirement and hope that he doesn’t succumb too quickly to the lure of Emmerdale on Tuesday evenings.

Straight off the bounce from two thumping concerts at the weekend, we say Welcome! to Ewa. With five, now four rehersals to the Botanical Gardens Concert on 14th July, we’re in for a workout if Wednesday’s run-through was anything to go by. At the end of two hours reading Tchaikowsky, Borodin, Smetana et al, I felt like I was the one who had been run  through. It’s going to be a challenge, this next concert, particularly with a tough program, amplification, an audience potentially in the thousands and the great outdoors to contend with. Having a new pair of hands on the tiller will no doubt shake us up and keep us on our mettle, but every member with whom I have spoken is excited (if not a little scared) and fully up for it.



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I echo everything Chris says – what a great concert weekend! As a relative “new boy” in Sheffield Phil. I felt privileged to be involved in such an occasion. A really fitting send off for John, whom I have known for many years, and who has been a real inspiration in a variety of ensembles, workshops and orchestras; a wonderful man whose musicianship and gentle humour (and endless supply of anecdotes!)have generated enthusiasm and enjoyment in all who have played under him. In Ewa we have the ideal person to build on John’s achievements and take us further. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am looking for a local gym to join – if Ewa’s first two rehearsal sessions are anything to go by, physical fitness is going to be a prime requisite! And as Chris says, really exciting times ahead! I hope all you string players are doing your “homework”!

Comment by Tony Hobbs

I agree too. A lovely weekend of music making, if a little tiring. We are having a party for John after the family Christmas concert; all SPO members and partners invited.
As for Ewa, as my colleague said, “I think we are about to exit the comfort zone”…..
Can’t write more now; got to get back to practice.
David O

Comment by David O

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