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Well, that’s the new SPO Web Site up and running properly. Anyone logging on to the old site will be swiftly redirected to pastures new and I have been busily contacting friendly sites to update their links.

 Latest features include a short profile of John Pearson in time for his valedictory concert, a page of useful links to which people can feel free to suggest additions (Natalie, if you would like to mail me that list again…) and up-to-the-minute news on the Charity Botanical Gardens Gig.  All that remains is some tweaking of the metatags and a big push to increase our “Google” rankings. This is where you all come in. If members and friends could get our link: posted in as many places as possible on the web, we may even appear at the top of the search when you type “Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra” into the search engine. You never know. At the moment we’re a humiliating seventh, directy beneath our entry in some online acronym dictionary.

Pleasingly, we were linked on the BBC Radio 3 website. If anyone knows of other places where the old site was linked, let me know and I will email them:

I’m looking forward to Elijah, and wondering just exactly what it’s going to feel like after my arm drops off at the end of the forty-second movement.

Chris Lee